Mother nature certainly didn’t play well to start out the morning for our Pistol RDS class here at E.A.S.T. Group. We spent a lot of time in the classroom with the techniques and breaking down the manipulations to find the dot. Instructors worked to critique and improve on students that came in with varying levels of pistol optic experience. We added in movement, reacquisition of sight picture, acceptable sight picture, and helping them build speed.

Time and efforts in the classroom running it dry transferred over to accurate live fire on ranges 1 and 2 all afternoon. Putting it all into motion they were able to learn, improve, and take away exercises that they can perform on their own in practice.

Some minor adjustments needed to be made on a few optics that were being ran, but all performed well when put to the test today. Solid firearms and equipment with only one malfunction with a magazine.

This was an amazing group that we were able to host out here at the range today. We finished the evening out in the TOC for dinner and more conversation as the learning and sharing continued into the evening.