defensive knife seminar

It may have been a cold morning out on the range, but we were happy to be in the classroom as we hosted our Defensive Knife Seminar with Mike Ruppert today.

We started out the day going through a brief overview of edged weapon history and a discussion in the differing fighting styles. Mike and his co-instructor Rob then worked with students on fundamentals of working with trainer blades, handling, and opening, and cutting angles to get things moving. Heavy emphasis was placed on grips, stances, and attack/defensive movements.

As students became comfortable with the trainers they transitioned to their own personal knives that they carry. Advantages and disadvantages of each were discussed as they got to see them firsthand. Defense with single and multiple attackers was shown

Instructors moved to various cutting techniques, providing a very one-on-one interaction to critique and improve students to achieve fast and accurate cuts and tactics. Numerous cutting props and timers utilized in one scenario to show improvement and just how fast this attack can occur. From the pocket at the beep most all students were achieving sub 1-second times. The fastest time for the day had the attack occur in 0.64 seconds.

Mike provided services for numerous students to sharpen and improve not only the edges but operation of their knives.

In true fashion at E.A.S.T. Group the evening wrapped up in the TOC with great discussion, snacks, and good conversation amongst friends.

We look forward to other opportunities with Mike and Rob! Feedback today was great.