“Our facility was built with the purpose of training and sharing knowledge to prepare those going into harms way.”

view of range 1 and 2


We are located at 2535 Township Road 192 (Wilson Road), Fredericktown, Ohio 43019

General Information

E.A.S.T. Group’s training facility is located just outside of Fredericktown, a rural farming community in Central Ohio. After traveling to other venues to teach and not being able to follow our lesson plan because of range restrictions we decided to build our facility. Over ninety percent of our training is now conducted on-site enabling students to fully benefit from each course we offer.

Range Details

The ranges consist of two 50 yard pistol/carbine ranges, a 50-yard steel range, along with a 150-yard multi-purpose range, all with carports to get out of the weather. Also available is a two-story tower allowing engagements out to 225 yards along with a 30×56 live-fire shoot house. Our spacious classroom has plenty of room to handle any of our indoor training needs.

We continue to upgrade our facility to increase the training value for our students.


Due to our location, there is no running water, and our restroom

facilities consist of portajohns.


Places to grab chow are within 5 miles of the facility (McDonald’s,

Wendy’s, and Subway).


If looking for a hotel, jump on the web to find one that suits your