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What is ASSET?

In September of 2022, HB 99 was signed into law by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. This bill allows school boards in our state to choose to arm school staff members and set forth basic training requirements of such.

Several months later in December of 2022 the Ohio School Safety Center announced their program called ASSET, or Armed School Staff Essential Training.

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After several months of preparation and hundreds of hours invested by E.A.S.T. Group Training staff members, we have officially been approved to provide initial training and requalification anywhere in the State of Ohio.  This was no easy task and not something that we take lightly.  As such, we utilized our in-house backgrounds and lengthy resources to write our own curriculum that EXCEEDS the requirements of OSSC so that we can continue to train school staff.

E.A.S.T. Group Training was founded based on providing realistic training programs in our ever-changing environment.  While the world, clientele, and many things may change, we remain steadfast and will not deviate from our core values that we set in providing real-world, high-quality solutions.  

Your school has a DECISION on where they choose to seek their training for the ASSET program.  While all providers of this training must be approved by the State of Ohio OSSC, not all are equal.  At E.A.S.T. Group we are one of the only few that can offer you a private training facility closed off from the public eye.  Our facility was constructed from the ground up to be dedicated to training civilian, law enforcement, and military while giving them the ability to do what others can’t.  

We are working with current school districts to schedule their requalification and additional training currently.  If your school is considering this instruction or other school safety measures, reach out to us directly for a consultation on the services that we provide and learn your needs.