Welcome to our 2024 classes schedule!

February 24 – Intro to Trauma Care
March 23 – Defensive Knife Seminar
April 20 – EDC Train Like It’s Real
April 27 – Practical Pistol
May 4 – Pistol Optics (RDS)
May 18 – Critical Engagement Carbine
June 8 – Partner Tactics
June 22 – BFA Intro to Vehicle Tactics
July 6 – BFA Intro to Structures
July 20 – BFA Streetwise Self Defense
July 27 – Structures II 
August 3 – BFA Carbine I
August 4 – BFA Carbine II
August 17 – Move or Die (MOD)
September 28 – Critical Engagement Carbine

October 12 – Defensive Knife Seminar
October 18-20 – Rapid Response Cohort 3 – BY APPLICATION ONLY
October 26 – Practical Pistol
November 2 – BFA Low Light
November 16 – BFA Shotgun Fundamentals


This is our four-hour intro that will bring you up to pace on basics of trauma care for yourself or others.  Geared toward the student with little to no medical experience, it will prepare and make you more comfortable.


This class is based on the reality of social conflicts not martial arts traditions. There will be live cutting events as well as partner drills using safe dummy knives.


This one-day class picks up where (Practical Pistol Intro) left off. You should have a good basic working knowledge of your firearm. 

We start to work more on our draw stroke while understanding why a proper grip is so important to getting the gun going in the direction we want in an efficient manner. We’ll also be getting better acquainted with what our sights and trigger are all about so that you are able to deliver effective rounds on target.


Have a firm grasp of pistol fundamentals and wanted to move to the “red dot” platform on your pistol?  

This will take the shooter from iron sights to the RDS platform and utilize exercises to make the transition smooth.  


This class ran with what you carry on a regular basis and from concealment. So often the focus is on hit factor and running a $1000 range gun while open carrying, but not from that subcompact that you wear the other 99-percent of the time.

Students will work from contact distance to 15-yards. Learn and experience the reality of the fight and getting your every day carry pistol into action.  How will you respond?


This is a class that focuses solely on the carbine platform and getting you very familiar of its capabilities and how to utilize it best. We cover solid fundamentals, proper zeroing, optics, carry positions, gear considerations, and engagements from contact to 200-yards.

This class is a solid Level2 course that will get you to a level of unconscious competence and prepare you for our higher-level offerings.


Structures, we’re in them all the time, but how prepared are we to defend in this type of environment?

For those that have attended our BFA Intro to Structures, this class will take you to the next level with more work, more reps, and a better understanding of the important parts that you need to understand. A heavy focus within this course will be on movement, communication, reading structures, building construction, and dispelling myths that are out there.


We tell it like it is at our classes and are very honest with reality. In the real-world situation where you are under attack, if you don’t MOVE, you will DIE where you are. This class will take the person carrying concealed from “range ready” to being more of a true “self-protector”. This eight hour class called “Move or Die (MOD)” will put together movement, thinking, work from concealment, and purposeful shots while getting to safety.


We travel and are around co-workers, friends, and most importantly, family on a regular basis. How prepared in your training are you with those you’re around most?

This class will focus on working with a partner, communications, roles, skills, teamwork, and heavy on what to do when it goes down. We’ve been doing this class for years with Buckeye Firearms Association, and we’ve updated things at student request!


Theres more to come!




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